Two Faced - EP

by Nocturnal Me

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Recorded at New York’s GCR Audio in April/May 2011.


released July 19, 2011

Vocals: Dave Melillo
Guitar: Jeff Czum
Bass: John 'Tank' Viavattine
Drums: Mikey Lasaponara



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Apparition Records Boston, Massachusetts

Apparition Records is an independent record label based in Boston, MA. For more information about us, visit our website.

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Track Name: Get You Back
It feels surreal like I’ve been here before / Waiting in the rain outside of your door / I knock knock knock ‘cause I know that you're home / Won’t you let me in baby? Don't leave me alone / I know about the other guys / They’re telling you lies / You don't look right living in his life / Something seems wrong / Gotta get you back where you belong / When I see you move, no I can't stop thinkin’ about / What you do to me then I start freakin’ out / I was tough but I just couldn't move on / Hope you sing along to my get you back song / I can't believe that I gave you away / If I could then I would rewind to the day / And take it back back back but it is what it is / Still you know that my love’s much better than his / If you don't sing along don't know what I’m gonna do / Never wanted anyone ’til my mind met you / Wish it wasn't so, tell me what I’m supposed to do / If I can't have you.
Track Name: Love Is A Lie
The truth can hurt but lies are worse / Your love is a lie and you know it / Love is a lie and you know it / Left me on the corner cold / I guess you couldn't see it raining / I didn't know it hurt this much / Now you're gone and the clouds are gaining / Guess you didn't think I’d get wet when the sky opened up over what you said / I guess you thought my heart was a cheap spare part, time to press restart / There’s gotta be some options / A way to change your mind / I dropped down on my knees / Begging you please for the 13th time / There’s gotta be something left / Between the thoughts in your head and the heart in your chest / If you leave then you lied / And you broke my heart for the very last time / The truth can hurt but lies are worse / Your love is a lie and you know it / Love is a lie and you know it / Anywhere you wanna go / You know I would have been there waiting / I guess that’s how the story goes / You find love but you lose your patience / I guess you didn't think about that when you wedged your knife right between my back.
Track Name: Weeknd
I can’t believe what I see / I roll up in the club and you're sittin’ right there / Like you stepped off a screen / Or the pages of one of my dreams / Let me know what you need / Just give me the sign and we'll cut this scene / You can take your heels off / Get into my car / Take you to the room / Got a private mini-bar / I don't need to know what you're thinking / All I need to know is what you're drinking / For tonight you can be my girl / If you let me in it I can change your world / If you wanna know what I’m thinking / All you gotta do is keep me drinking / VIP doesn't pop like this / I’ll take the girl you can sip on the Cris / Fantasy playin’ in my head / Wanna wake up with you in my bed / I’m only giving up my heart for the weekend / Hit me up on Monday / Maybe we could be friends / I'm only, I'm only, I'm only… I'll only give it up / I’m only giving up my heart for the weekend / Hit me up on Monday / Maybe we could be friends / See I've been there before / Heart in my hand and my knees on the floor / That ain’t me anymore / I’m sorry but it’s true / I ain’t lookin’ for a boo / Either way you can stay / Just tell me what you want and we won’t delay / I can turn my cell off put it on the shelf / Saturday and Sunday ain’t nobody else / You can see mine if you show me yours / I’ll pop all of your bottles and I’ll hold your door / Baby best beware when the weekend ends / No need to pretend ‘cause you know we just friends / Friday night until Monday morning / I could have you high in the sky like soarin’ / All you need to do girl is grab my hand / I see it in your eyes that you understand.
Track Name: Without You
I’m writing this to you from 30k feet above / I know I have my moments but I still can’t get enough / ‘Cause when I think about you all I feel in me is love / Experiencing turbulence you better buckle up / I’ve got a lot to give / But you've got a life to live / And you don't want this relationship / Let me be your fly by lover tonight / She said: "Call me / Call me when you get there / When you're at the airport / And you know I’ll be there / Call me when you're there / I wanna take you home / I know you want me too / You don't wanna be alone” / Now I can relax ‘cause gravity is on my side / And pretty soon you'll be there too, nowhere to run and hide / My location may be terminal, at least I’m still alive / So I can feel her breathing when she takes me home tonight / I've got a lot to give / But you’ve got a life to live / And we don't need no relationship / Let me be your fly-by lover tonight / Call me, Call me / Whenever you want and I… / Promise, promise / I'll be there for you… / Call me, Call me / Whenever you want because… / You know just what to do.
Track Name: Call Me
Look what you did to me / I’m helpless / Like Mary Jane / So where’s my web to catch me? / In the nick of time / I still see you lying / On my four post bed / Chewed on my heart like a dog on his bone / you changed the locks, kept me out of my home / It’s an understatement that I’m feelin’ alone but no, no… / I don't wanna try to get away / From a fate that I can't escape / I don't wanna spend another day / With my time on the line that I cannot waste / I don't wanna try to explain / I just wanna find a better way / To live without you / How do you sleep at night? / Do you toss and turn / Does your conscience burn / Like a witch hunt victim sacrificed / With no respite / Don't need a judge and jury to get a conviction / It's obvious from the plans that you made / All you really wanted was for me to get paid / So you could sit pretty ain’t no sweat in the shade but no no, no no… / Feeling alone but it’s better than home if you're still there waiting for me / I got a gun to my head in my own damn bed / Tied by my hands to my feet / Tell me what I’m supposed to do… / I can’t stand the sight of you / Even when you're baring it all / It’s easy to tell, girl you put me through hell / So I’m doing it by myself.